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How secure are my parents with Live With Joy Buddy ?

Our Live With Joy Buddy is well educated & undergo stringent back-ground checks which include Police verification & KYC documents check.

All our team members are selected basis their emotional stability & trustworthiness.

Live With Joy Management will be in touch with the Grand-Buddy periodically to ensure their happiness.

Is the Grand Buddy also checked for the safety of the Smile / Care Buddy?
Yes, of course. The Grand Buddy is met by the Live With Joy Management team prior to the engagement for basic background check. If the management finds any discomfort, they have the right to withdraw.
Can we get free sessions in Companion ship services
Yes, of course. You can avail of 3 free sessions spread over a week to get to know your Smile Buddy better. If satisfied you continue with the paid subscription, other wise no money will be charged.
How do we with proceed with the subscription?

Please click on Sign up link which will take you to a form asking for basic details or just WhatsApp / Call on +91 8127 10 8127

How to contact Live With Joy team?

Kindly contact us at +91 8127 10 8127 or mail us at info@livewithjoy.in
Within 24 hrs, Live With Joy team will get in touch

Will I receive feedback from the Live With Joy team regarding well-being of my parent?
Regular feed-back will be provided by Experienced Psychologists regarding general well-being of our Grand Buddy.